We ask residents in the UK to donate their used clothes to help raise funds for each charity using our collection bags.

We aim to raise as much money as possible through donations to help the relevant charities.

We work hard to provide an excellent service in making donations count!

Partners we are working with:

Children’s Hearts Charity was established in October 2000, to help children born with heart defects (CHD), particularly in those countries, where disadvantaged and poor children do not have access to the necessary health services.

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Woodlands Cancer Care is a charity run by people who want to help cancer sufferers. In order to do this effectively we realize that the families, friends and carers of the sufferer also need support…

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Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools is an easy, efficient way for your school to earn some much needed cash and, as a real bonus, is a 100% efficient recycling process. Whether you arrange one collection or 50 collections, we guarantee to give your school £500 per tonne of clothing (That’s 50p per kilo!!).

Alternatively if your school likes to give back to the community as well as helping your children, you can select from our list of charities to donate to.

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