Registered Charity in the UK No. 1082929

Children’s Hearts Charity was established in October 2000, to help children born with heart defects (CHD), particularly in those countries, where disadvantaged and poor children do not have access to the necessary health services. A heart defect (abnormality) that is present at birth is known as a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). Nearly all of these are life threatening. Any baby can be born with a congenital heart defect. Medical operation is often the only option for these children to have another chance to live.

There are thousands of children with CHD waiting for their life-saving operations.

Our Goal

To give the every child suffering CHD the opportunity to have the life-saving operation they need.
Our Aims

To identify sick children and compile a list with diagnosis and cost of surgery;
To supply equipment, disposables and medication;
To train and supply qualified medical personnel;
To prepare support information for medical staff and parents about the special needs of children CHD.

Our Projects

Children’s Hearts has four main ongoing interconnected programmes, which are a part of the strategy to fulfill the charities’ objectives:

A. Medical Equipment Programme

Establishing working relations with most advanced medical institutions.
Collecting data on children in need for cardio-surgical operations.
Establishing priorities, i.e. selecting children for operations.
Purchasing and providing the best equipment and disposables at the lowest possible prices.
Delivery of goods to medical centers and handing them over to the parents of chosen children.

B. Education and Training of Medical Personnel Programme

Establishing co-operation with leading cardiology centers in the world.
Providing training for doctors and nurses to work with the most sophisticated medical equipment.
Support of further dissemination of knowledge gained by the trained personnel during the training courses upon their return to their home hospitals and clinics.

C. Education of Other Medical Personnel and Parents Programme

Providing information for general practitioners, maternity ward medical staff and parents on how to look after and treat children with congenital heart defects.

D. Post Operational Rehabilitation Programme

Providing support to children after operations.

How you can help

• Donations by cash, cheque, standing order, direct debit, covenant
• Gifts of any kind suitable for raffles, auctions, garage/car boot sales
• Attending Children’s Hearts receptions, music, art events
• Giving some of your time to help with admin chores and fund raising
• Tell friends, work colleagues, children about the Charity to spread awareness
• Suggest company names which may be able to donate medical equipment, supplies, drugs to provide facilities for CHD surgery and post-operative care
• Join our mailing list of friends to receive regular news of our work and events
• Tell key opinion formers about Children’s Hearts and how they can help
• Talk to us about ideas you may have to generate support for Children’s Hearts

Children’s Hearts Banking Details:
If you want to donate, please print ‘FORM’, fill the form given below and send it to us:

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Children’s Hearts
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