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”Bringing comgort and support to cancer sufferers and their families”

Here in UK the biggest debilitating ilness is cancer. One in the three people will experience cancer during their lifetime. This puts incredible strain on the resources of the NHS and they can only do so much.

What we DO

Woodlands Cancer Care is a charity run by people who want to help cancer sufferers. In order to do this effectively we realize that the families, friends and carers of the sufferer also need support…

ANY type of Cancer


ANY Times

ANY Where

We can HELP

Do you need special equipment for your home in order ti promote the wellbeing and comfort of the person with cancer?

Are you finding difficulty travelling and from hospital or hospice?

Financial help to make important times more special e.g. Birthdays: Christmas: Special Treats: Special events and Family Occasions.

What we OFFER

Emotional support via our listening ear service,

Short Break Holidays,

Practical Advice,

Specialised equipment for your home,

FREE – Relaxation Therapy Tapes

One of Stories How we hellped

REBECCA was only 3 years  old when doctor found a cancerous tumour in her stomach! It was  diagnosed as neuroblastoma-a particularity aggressive form of cancer.

She endured years of  hospital admissions; surgery; chemotherapy, radiotherapy and pain.  She even had to have a stem cell transplant. However,she was a  fighter. Despite being incapacitated much of her little life-she was  always cheerful and tried to be positive. She was indeed a very brave  and cheerful little girl.

At one point, however,  when she was only 7 years old, the Doctor said that nothing more  could be done and it seemed that Rebecca would not get better. Her  parents bravely decided to allow yet another operation despite  Rebecca being very weak and against all the odds-it was a success.

Despite this, Rebecca  became very depressed-she no longer wanted to attend school  (something she had previously enjoyed) and she didn’t even want to  see her friends. Although Woodlands Cancer Care had funded Rebecca,  her Sister and their Dad to swim with the Dolphins when they had  visited Florida, the charity became involved once again.

Woodlands Cancer Care  suggested a visit to Disneyland, Paris and this was gratefully  accepted by the family. It was wonderful. Rebecca returned home and  couldn’t wait to go to school to tell her friends all about the  characters she’d met and all the things she had done. She was like  her old self again.

We, as a Charity felt  truly privileged to have been involved with this plucky little girl  and, at present, Rebecca is now 17 years old. She was extremely  fortunate.

Most of the others  children she came into contact with during her years of   hospitalisation who had also been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, have  not been so fortunate.

Please help us to support  children like Rebecca. Without help we would not have been able to  give Rebecca and her family the holidays which meant so much to them.


If you wish to support Woodlands Cancer Care

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(however small) makes an important difference.

Can you organise a Coffee Morning, Craft Fayre, Jumble Sale, Darts Match, Snooker Tournament, etc.

Please help us to help others

Sponsored events are a great way of raising money and having fun.

Are you taking part in any such event?

Would you consider donating your sponsor money to us?

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